7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Published On May 14, 2019 | By admin | Tech

Many starting out entrepreneurs always think that marketing is a quick and easy thing to achieve. Because of that, they take every advice they hear and from different people – even from the inexperienced ones. And unfortunately, their sales always refuse to take off! Why? Because they commit the 7 marketing mistakes that must be avoided. To avoid falling into the trap, we have summarized them below.

#1: Managing Your Budget Too Broadly

It is an obvious fact to say that your budget is an essential element of your business. To think that it is enough to define an annual amount for the marketing and not to take care of it any more is a huge marketing error. Its budget must be regularly monitored to determine whether the amounts invested are more or less profitable depending on the actions undertaken. The more precise you are, the more you invest your money in what relates.

#2: Not Doing Market Research

Market research is paramount in any marketing strategy. To interest a future customer in your product or website, it must be consistent with his expectations. For this, your promotional strategy must be carried out according to the target audience.

#3: Not Setting Goals

Life is all about setting specific goals and achieving them; you must have noticed that. Therefore, it is essential we set objectives for the way we daily live our lives.  This is also applicable to our work and businesses. Having a marketing guideline is good, having goals set, planned, re-evaluated regularly is better. With concrete and precise objectives, you will be able to know what works and what does not work and particularly to analyze the errors made in order to remedy them.

#4: Not Investing in Writing Advertising Copy

Many are too likely to think that the lines they have imagined will attract customers by the hundreds, but it is a marketing mistake. If you do not know how to write sales texts (this is a skill that can be learned), then you must quickly take a copywriting course, or hire someone who is trained to do that. You can check out professionals like Rebl House to help you with your marketing.

#5: Changing Your Marketing Strategy Too Quickly

It is not uncommon that when you start an advertising campaign for the first time, it gives only very poor results. You will probably want to change quickly, thinking that it does not work. It must be borne in mind that an advertising campaign does not show results, in general, until the third month. So, before you put your work in the trash, take the time to let your campaign mature.

#6: Not Doing Tests

Any advertising campaign must be tested before being started. We cannot hope to reach the summit the first time, so it is essential to test beforehand its ads. With “split tests”, you will determine which will have more impact on the customers and therefore which ones to privilege.

#7: Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

It is essential to vary the promotional offers and play on several tables to attract the customer. If you invest your entire budget in a single promotional offer and it does not work, you will not have the necessary funding to bounce back.


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