Got The Traffic. Now What? Improve User Experience for Your Shopping Site

Published On January 19, 2020 | By Freddie McEvoy | Tech

For the Hong Kong (HK) market, the first step is always to get people to visit your local shopping website. The major traffic (or visitor) acquisition channel may be through the search engines (especially firstly Google and then secondly Yahoo for the Hong Kong market). Your experienced and reputation SEO company may have taken the lead to optimize your shopping site with mobile search and reduce your page’s loading speed to Google’s desired standard. Visitors have started to pump into your online store, but you haven’t seen much increase in terms of the number of ecommerce transactions or growth in sales revenue. What may have been wrong? It is time that you switch your focus to take a good look at what’s going on in terms of user experience of your website.

Many problems of the users could have encountered when they are actually using the shopping cart and the checkout page. The shopping cart of your ecommerce site may be from a CMS that provides a default design and experience, but the design is not optimized for your target users in Hong Kong. Take the time to go through the checklist when you aim to improve the checkout page. Provide transparent shipping / delivery fees (when it is applicable). Ensure your site uses a SSL certificate for checkout security. One common problem is that the checkout page has a completely different look to the rest of your shopping site. This causes anxiety and trust issues to some could have been customers but have opted to drop out right on the checkout page. The rest of your site’s pages may be greatly optimized for mobile (because your SEO team/agency has done it for you), but your checkout page may not be able to display a proper layout on mobile devices. This immediately stops any user to complete a transaction.

To further add trust to your site and/or brand, get the first group of customers who have purchased from your site to leave product reviews on your site. Lure them to leave reviews. One way is to send them a small gift such as a coupon or voucher where they can make future purchases on your shopping site with a big discount. Honest reviews are useful to other users who are considering whether to buy from your site or not.

Your shopping site may well have an internal search feature which may trigger some problems in term of user experience. The common problems may include that the search box has a field entry area that isn’t long enough which makes part of what the user is typing becomes invisible. A second problem is more severe when the search results returned don’t make much sense including the results aren’t listed in the correct priority order, or the worse is that the search results aren’t relevant at all. 


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