iMac Computers can also be Repaired anywhere in the World

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To determine what model iMac, you have a challenge. The same model numbers might have an assortment of processor formations. Even if you believe you know just exactly what iMac you have, a quick trip in the iMac ID system will let you know exactly what model you have.

Model History

The iMac is a computer made by Apple Inc. The first iMacs were large and had CRT display. iMacs are known because they have the complete computer combined into a display size case. Since releasing of the G5 back in August of 2004, iMacs have updated with newer processors and other extensions several times.

It doesn’t work

Naturally when you are away from home is when your iMac stops working and you need to repair iMac [ซ่อม Imac, which are the term in Thai], or have the iMac repaired. For example, you could be in Bangkok on a business trip and it won’t come on. Well, if you are in Bangkok, then you are in luck, as they have an Apple repair center and they advertise that they have experienced repair people that can fix any Apple product.  They also have genuine parts for your iMac.

Repair anything

If it won’t turn on, they can fix that and anything else that is wrong. They can fix iPhones also. If your iMac is still under warranty it will not cost you anything. If the warranty is out, they will quote you a repair cost before starting work.


This is the part that surprised me – they are in Bangkok – do you know where Bangkok is? It is in Thailand – and they have a repair center for Apple products in Thailand – does that not surprise you? Well, it did surprise me. So, if you are going on a business trip or a vacation in Bangkok Thailand – take your iMac with you because you can always get it repaired if something happens to it. And take your iPhone also.

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