Importance Of Backing Up Your Necessary Files Before Moving Over To A New Domain

Published On August 17, 2019 | By admin | Tech

If you own a website, you know the amount of hard work that is required to bring your website up in rankings. Not only you must have great content and services, you need to have a good customer engagement to be above everyone. 

But what if you suddenly decide to move WordPress site to new domain. Moving your existing site to a new domain provides a number of benefits in different situations. It may be able to uplift an existing penalty, which might be difficult or time-consuming for you to remove. Moreover, if you have acquired a new and more authoritative domain, having your main site move to the domain will save you years of effort.

Necessary Files

Moving your site to a new domain means essentially making a copy of your website and its files. You have to download all the existing files of your website onto your computer. This can be done by downloading the numerous files available on your host server.

Having these file is necessary for you to complete the transfer procedure. The files will need to be uploaded to your new domain hosting server. Backing up these files will help you fulfil two major things. First, you will have a copy of your old website. This copy will have all the content of your website and you will need to upload this when moving your site to the new domain. Due to this, a backup is necessary, no matter what. Secondly, a number of things can go wrong in the transfer process, especially if done by a non-technical person. In case of such scenarios, it is right to have a backup to prevent any loss of data arising from errors or mistakes.

There are two types of files that you need to backup from your host server. These are as follows:

  • The databases: These include all the databases of your website. All your pages and post data is stored in these databases. Databases are made up of tables and each WordPress website has a number of different dedicated tables for comments, posts etc.
  • The static files: The static files are the ones that make up the layout of your website. These consist of all the WordPress basic files, theme files and the CSS files.

Having a backup of both these files is important and will ensure that you get the exact copy of your site at the new domain. However, if you opt to only backup the databases, your site at the new domain will have all your posts and pages but will lack the design. You will have to setup all the configuration and install a new theme for your site. But if you opt for backing up the static files, your site will have the exact same design as the previous site, but will lose all its pages and posts.

In order to make these backups, you can use a number of WordPress plugin or manually download files from your host server.


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