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Youtube the second most visited site in the world has a tool adapted for advertising image. The image touches all generations and especially the youngest who shun texts, discover how to create a dynamic around your product using advertising on Youtube. Learn how to create your campaigns and control your conversions. The best advertisement maker will help you throughout.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Consumers and especially the younger generation are very attracted to the image and pay special attention to videos. Youtube announces that half of Internet users watch videos on youtube.

The use of smartphones to watch videos everywhere and in transport has democratized this media especially since the 4G is correctly deployed throughout France.

This dynamic is a significant opportunity for advertisers to deliver their messages to the largest numbers and with the facilities to target audiences. Youtube sits among the most used advertising agencies in the world.

A quality requirement

The HD 4K formats that have arrived on the market have become democratized by the increasing costs of affordable devices. These new products have educated consumers to image quality. And they accept less and less technical problems related to image and sound.

Turning a video to broadcast on Youtube requires mastering all aspects of a video shoot such as lighting, sound, editing and neglecting the technical aspect is to negate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Tell a story

Consumers are very critical with advertising, telling a story and creating a compelling video ad requires upfront preparation.

The strategy The Storyboard Preparation of the shoot Shooting Mounting

The strategy

You have decided to create a video ad, what is its goal? Do you want to publicize your brand? Or sell your product? Do you want to create engagement on your Youtube channel?

3 advertising formats are possible and two durations (30 seconds and more or 6 seconds).

  • What is the most suitable format for your message?
  • Have you thought about your landing page?
  • If your video hits the mark, how are you going to redirect them to your product?

The Story-Board

Creating a storyboard for your video is a key step in your advertising project, once your idea and strategy have been put on paper it’s time to write the steps and plans more precisely that you want to include in your video, the keywords and characters that make up your video must be clearly mentioned here as well as the rhythm and sequence of the sequences. Take the opportunity to reflect on your casting and start visiting filming locations or studio.

Preparation of the shoot

You have your storyboard, you have found the plans and locations of filming. It is now necessary to prepare your shoot.

There are two aspects to consider at this stage: Technical and Organizational

For the technical aspect please ensure you have quality equipment and check that it is in condition for the day of your shooting. If you do not have one, it’s time to call a specialized service provider for the realization.

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