Must-have checklist for AI ML App development

Published On July 29, 2019 | By admin | Tech

Today, technological advancement has bridged the gap between users and companies. The most popular advancement is the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). 

AI makes the computer work as humans for ‘n’ number of things. They have made voice recognition, visual perception, decision making and translation between languages easier and quicker. 

ML educates the computer so that it is able to recognize patterns in a way that the humans will understand. 

Enlisted here is a checklist for AI ML App Development:

  • Authentication and Security

The only problems with technology were that it was easy to hack. But now with the introduction of facial and fingerprint scanner, people can authenticate and secure their app development faster. ML helps in deciding the access rights that are to be given to the customers. 

  • Communication enhancement

With the introduction of real-time data collection and processing, devices will be able to run smoothly on their own. This has been made possible by the introduction of AI. It has also enhanced communication, not only in between humans but also in between different devices as well. 

  • Search Engines empowered

The technology has advanced to the level that we can easily type by just speaking the content. Also, we are able to easily communicate through images and voice instead of text. 

  • Predict user behaviour

ML has helped to understand the preferences of users, just by taking a peek into their browser history. It can also track their purchase patterns which will help in getting the results faster. 

  • Trend Projection 

AI has helped in forecasting the weather which has saved as well as helped a lot of people. MI has decreased the wastage of time by evaluating real estate and offering virtual tours of many websites. 


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