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Hello my fellas, in this guide I will tell you about two most unbalanced champions that will bring you out of the EloHell in the nearest time. Your performance will be incredible if you will use these champions in the right way, so your Elo climbing is up to you. Pick Pyke or Neeko and your life will be much easier on the summoner’s rift!

Pyke was nerfed or buffed?

Mid lane Pyke laner was always one of the strongest champions ever created, but recently Riot Games decided to nerf this guy from the survivability side, but buff from the damaging side. Before Puke was a nice counter pick to another one incredibly popular champion – Lux, but right now he is the strongest champions across assassins in my personal list. After a soft rework, his laning stage becomes a bit harder, after all, Riot Games took away two forms of escape and decreased his passive regen. So now Pyke is much weaker against simple pokes at the laning stage. But he is one of the best – check stats of boosters at elo-boosters.com.


So we agreed that you need to pick Pyke at the middle lane, but which items do you need? I prefer the next list, in this exact order:

  1. Tiamat;
  2. Duskblade;
  3. Ghostblade;
  4. Edge of Night;
  5. Mobi Boots.

And never underestimate the importance of the Runic Keystones. In most situations, you need to take Electrocute with Precision, Presence of Mind and Legends Tenacity. This is a perfect kit of runes for this champion that will enhance those parts, that you need to kill anyone you face.

The most interesting part, that you will not be flamed for kill stealing as other assassins, but instead, you have all rights to blame others that they won’t let you a KS. Why? Easy, because you will earn much more gold for killing. This is why I love Draven, he could do it much earlier 😀 But now even the Pyke has the same ability.

Is Neeko good mid champion?

This choice may wonder you, but I really think that Neeko at the mid lane is an exceptional choice for any situation. Pick next runic keystones as the main to shine at the middle:

  • Glacial Augment;
  • Magical Footwear,
  • Biscuits;
  • 5% CDR.

And these keystones as secondary:

  • Taste of Blood;
  • Ultimate / Ingenious Hunter.

The choice between Ultimate or Ingenious Hunter is up to you, so better try them both to find one will better fit your playstyle.


But what items you need to own anyone as Mid Neeko? First of all, you need to have the next things in your kit: GLP, Ghosts, TP. As soon as you will be ready to use your first recall you need to quickly build double Dorans and quickly return to the turret with the Teleportation. Depending on your team composition you need to find some good movement slowing items. But if your team have enough of control, then you would better to build Zhynas Hourglass, Rabadon’s Deathcap or / and Morello’s.

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