Wikigains Says Paper Coupons Are Slowly Making A Comeback

Published On July 1, 2019 | By admin | Tech

With smartphones bringing the world at your fingers tips and messaging apps like Whataspp making it possible to communicate in various ways, the mail box has become a lonely place. However recently, a group of marketers decided to revive the old paper coupons to get more customers attention. 

Wikigains, the UK coupon site says that although digital coupons are ruling the market, the paper coupons may not be dead yet and they are slowly trying to make a comeback. Will they be successful in this effort? Let’s find out.

What Are The Reasons Behind Revival Of Paper Coupons?

Emails containing coupons are often labelled as spam and they stay in the junk box that is rarely checked by the user. The online ads may also get hit by the blockers and marketers may need to seek permission to text users. According to the marketers, the postal mail may have taken a break but this is one avenue that is still open for use.

In the past few years, markets have been spending a good amount of money on direct mail, but they are not like what they were in your grandmother’s era. The paper coupons of today have evolved and marketers have tried all means to upscale their appearance. 

Today, you may receive coupons in expensive looking glossy black envelopes. Wikigains says an example of such glitzy coupons are the ones offered by Charles Tyrwhitt, a UK manufacturer of men’s clothing. They offer coupon printed using blue metallic ink on cream-colored paper. This is something you can’t ignore easily and the offers are also good. 

The biggest advantage of paper coupons is that they are capable of creating a kind of emotional impact on consumers that is not possible with digital vouchers. Thus, many companies choose paper coupons as a way to say thank you to their loyal customers. 

Another benefit of paper coupons is that even if they are not redeemed for months, they can stay on the shelves or tables. When other people visit the house, they can also see the coupon and thus it becomes a means to get more eyeballs on your brand.  

The Biggest Challenge Of Using Paper Coupons

Despite the things that still work in the favour of paper coupons, there is no denying that digital coupons are fast becoming the number one choice of the millenniala. Most of the young shoppers today love to browse for products online and make purchases through websites. Unlike a paper coupon that can only be redeemed at an in-house store, the digital coupons can be easily used online.

As the customers reach the checkout page, they are prompted to enter a coupon code. Most buyers would search for a coupon code online and find digital vouchers in coupon sites like The ease of access and the fast application of coupons to get discount on your total cart value are something you cannot expect to get from paper coupons. Thus, paper coupons may still be alive but digital coupons are fast becoming the preferred choice.

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